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The democratisation of great food – eliptus worked with the founders of Nosh Food Market from inception over a period of five years shaping the master brand and strategy across all facets of the business from developing the brand identity to consulting on retail fitouts, private label programmes, consumer engagement, and digital initiatives.

In the mid two thousands New Zealand food culture was coming alive in a reaction to the supermarket duopoly that had systematically exterminated the high street butcher and delicatessens of yesteryear. The market was primed by New Zealanders who had traveled and then returned with a taste for the flavours of the world combined with the quality and flavours of home – The time was ripe for Nosh.

Gourmet markets are not a new phenomena, however Nosh was proudly the first in New Zealand to truly embrace the precept of great food for everyone. With a quality and value proposition aimed at putting great food on everyones plates through initiatives like free food education classes, competitive pricing and a selection of the best products from down the road and around the world, Nosh sets the benchmark for what a food market could be in a uniquely New Zealand context.