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Pokeno Bacon Co


Brand Identity Redevelopment +
Flagship Retail Store Design



Pokeno Bacon engaged eliptus to redevelop their brand as part of a programme to re-define their values and take their business to the next level.

A family business founded in 1977 just south of Auckland. Pokeno Bacon have built a reputation for unflinching quality and unwavering old fashioned country values which has developed a fervent and loyal following.

You can taste the New Zealand sunshine and loamy goodness in every mouthful of Pokeno pork products, and it’s a regular pilgrimage made by those provisioning for a country weekend, as well as those who’ll brave a 100km drive to savour the flavour of New Zealand’s finest pork products.

A true family business with organic growth spanning 4 outlets over 36 years, meant that it was time to lay claim to the future by focusing the brand. A programme of brand renewal has been undertaken that has seen them expand into a flagship location in the heart of Auckland’s comfortable and affluent suburb of Mt Eden.

While their roots may be in bacon, Pokeno Bacon has become synonymous with quality pork products of all types. In rejuvenating the brandmark we updated the name to reflect this broader offer, kept key heritage and recognition elements, and took an objective look at the visual hierarchy and colour palette. Finally we hand crafted the marque to better reflect the inherent quality and no nonsense values of the founders.

Further to redefining the brandmark we looked at and updated the brands visual language, collateral and tone and manor, before focusing on the development of a vision for Pokeno’s new Mt Eden flagship retail store thats will take shape later this year.

If you’re in the neighbourhood be sure to stop in, check on their progress and say hello to the Clotworthy’s – their bacon’s enough to convert even the most hardened vegetarian!